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Locked out of your house? Lost your keys?

Any locksmith can pop a common lock. We provide a full range of services to remedy the lockout. We can replace locks, lost or broken keys, duplicate keys and much more. Our lockout services do more than just get you in, they take the steps to make sure you are not locked out again. Commercial, residential, automotive and lock boxes can all be quickly and professionally unlocked, re-keyed and secured. We can even replace transponders in newer automotive keys


Why changing locks can be a better option?

There are a number of situations in which it is advisable to change a lock, both for your home and your office. Whenever circumstances change and someone who has been given a key is no longer being granted access, it is a good idea to change a lock. It is also a good idea to do so when you first purchase a new property. You do not know just how many people the previous owner had given the keys to, or even if they might pose a security risk themselves one day. It is also a good idea every now and then, especially if you have shared your key with household employees or service personnel.


When and why should you rekey your locks!

Rekeying simply means changing the lock’s locking mechanism so that it can accept a new key while reject the old one. In this manner, you will be able to use a new key on your current lock hence you don’t have to worry about another party being in possession of the old copy. The following are some of the instances when a rekey would be more appropriate than changing the whole lock. Our local locksmith is still the best locksmith in this region, with the best prices for locksmith service. Our reputation for excellence is unsurpassed and our availability means we are always ready to provide a quick response to every call.

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